Thursday, January 12, 2012

If - - -

Continuing with thoughts of Christmas:

If you could shop at only one store for Christmas gifts, which store would it be?

Hands down, no question about it - that store would be a bookstore for me!  Nearly everyone that I shop for gets a book and some of them get several.  This is a little glimpse of the books that I gave to our children and grandchildren this year.  I love that everyone can have a book to read in the days immediately after Christmas.

So - do tell!  What store must you shop at?


  1. My if would be the Christian bookstore. I am always blessed, just to walk into that place. One thing that brings me joy is to see how many other people are in there and that is always an encouragement to me.

  2. You are definitely a bookstore lover. :) And I love benefiting from that. :) I don't know what store I'd pick. I'd have to think about it for a while. Which one do you think I'd pick?