Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gratitude Gifts - Christmas Edition

It's day #9 of 2012 and I have a grand total of 2 posts up!  That's really quite sad but now that the holidays are officially over and it's back to school today, I've resolved to get back into writing mode.

We had such a wonderful time of celebrating, worshiping, visiting, eating, and making memories this Christmas.  I simply must post my list of grace gifts.

#3473 - #3503

- that He sent His only Son 
- the wonder of that miracle
- carol music reminders of the Gift
- candles burning at Christmas Eve service
- words of Scripture

- being included in celebrations with our dear friends
- Christmas dinners
- beautiful table settings
- visiting and laughing
- gift exchanges

- playing games together
- late nights and late mornings
- new pillow and new kitchen items
- photobooks
- cards and messages

- grandchildren playing outside the window
- help in the kitchen
- Skype
- Christmas ornaments
- our Christmas tree

- Christmas cards and letters
- wrapping presents
- poppycock
- singing together
- bringing a bit of joy to the front door

- lights on houses
- hospitals, doctors and nurses that work through the holidays
- good medicines
- aunts and uncles
- acting out the Nativity story


  1. Thanks for the glimpse of of your lovely Christmas.

  2. ¨Wonderful, Crystal. As Susan says we have had a glimpse fo your festive season and it looks and sounds fantastic!

  3. Glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! Love that you all acted out the Christmas Story as a family--that is awesome! I wish you a year full of many more 'grace' gifts.

  4. love your list, as always. so glad we were able to celebrate Christmas with you. you had a very full holiday!