Monday, January 16, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

I decided to join Ann on her Joy Dare this year and so I'm using her prompts this month to look at things differently, to search outside of normal every days and find more of His grace and His love for me.   I love how they are making me search and see Him in new ways!

#3503 - 3538

- tiny chickadee, sitting on the window frame, peeking into the garage
- Christmas cards mailed off to loved ones
- dill pickles made with cucumbers from our garden
- ham bone cooking to make broth
- sunshine laying in rows on student desks

- favourite yellow sweatshirt with picture of winter on it
- fresh eggs
- hot water bottles
- the candid observations of grade one students (you look green!)
- 16 hours of sleep, even if somewhat interrupted

- garage enclosed and doors fixed again
- protection against cold, cold temperatures
- reliable vehicles
- first one to drive through the snow
- heater blowing warm air

- reading buddies
- amazing colleagues
- a new addition to Bible study
- meeting with friends again
- quotes to live by

- "Go out and live.  And do everything as if doing it for me.  Then they will see Me in you." (my paraphrase of a discussion)
- warm clothes for the arena
- playing with littles
- cutting out new sewing projects
- little girls happy to be reading

- reading lists by those I love
- hearing that little movements are being felt
- pizza for supper
- meals without buying groceries
- intense discussions

- how the Bible study message meshed so perfectly with Sunday's sermon
- hearing the call and the answer - "Here I am, Lord!"
- knowing that He loves me even more than I love my children
- online devotional message that shares the same words!
- ABIDING in Him, moment by moment

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  1. your list is so thoughtful - so many small moments noticed that generally go by so quickly they are unnoticed. i can just feel the peace in this list.

    yay for a new garage door! that is awesome. our van wouldn't start today, even with a boost. :( i'm pretty thankful for helpful neighbours that loan me their vehicle though.