Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Little Word

It's the second day of a new year, all fresh and empty and poised.
And I'm feeling a little lost and trying to make an absolutely perfect start -
and then I read Ann's words and I'm reminded
that I just need to abide in Him
and all things will be made new every day.

And as I'm thinking and wondering and stretching
to find that one little word that will speak to me each day,
it comes suddenly and with certainty.


Abide in me, He says.

Every day, in every way -
just be with Him,
lean on Him,
rest on Him.
And He will be with me -
and I'm very sure that this is the word He has chosen for me.
A word sent to show me
that He is the one who orders my days,
who sends me grace,
who gives everything,
who is always there.

Abide - I am abiding in Him this year.

(Thanks to my friend, S
who had these beautiful angels
on her Christmas table.)


  1. Such a beautiful word, Crystal. I am humming Abide with me as I write this. And isn't it amazing how the right word just seems to be revealed? I was all set to have another word, when in the middle of writing a post, I just knew it had to be joy. Just knew!

  2. I'm hoping I can leave a comment on here. I've not been able to recently :o(

    I like the idea of a special word. Mine for 2012 is fervent.

  3. i love your word - it is perfect for you.