Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last year I sewed two Christmas banners - and gave them both away!  So it was time to make one for our house this year.

I used 15 different patterns and had to cut one piece upside down to make it work!  The other side has the trees right side up.  

My projects to share with many friends and family members this year were sets of pillowcases.  I think I sewed 16 sets - and still have fabric for a few more.  Some of them were sewed under pressure - and given away before I could snap a photo!  These few pictures give you a peek of what they looked like. 

I really loved making - and sharing them!


  1. What a special gift from your loving hands.

  2. i love getting new pillowcases. it's fun way to brighten up a room easily! very cute ideas here!

  3. we love our pillowcases. silas has decided that it's the only pillowcase he can sleep with - the others just won't do. ;)

    and the banner is cute and totally added to your holiday decor.

  4. The pillowcases are really pretty. That's one thing I haven't done yet.