Friday, January 06, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #1

Heather organized another listography project - just what I was hoping she'd do!

Listography #1 - Goals for 2012

1.  Finish painting the living room, dining room, kitchen and entry way

2.  Collect 2011 Lists with photos, into a mini-album

3.  Grow a good crop of carrots (didn't happen again last year!)

4.  Start seeds earlier in March

5.  Make sets of cards to give as gifts

6.  Welcome two new grandchildren

7.  Celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday

8.  Celebrate Bob's Dad's 90th birthday

9.  Have guests for dinner at least once a month

10.  Spend the best chunk of one entire day with each grandchild by themselves

11.  Finish reading the New Testament

12.  Sew, sew, sew!!


  1. Great list and knowing you, they will all be accomplished :o) What an eventful year with the 80th & 90th birthdays and welcoming 2 new grands!!

    I can finally comment on your blog once again I couldn't before!!!

  2. Ok. I am going to do this too. I will take my cue from you! I like your goals, Crystal - a lovely mix!