Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five on Friday - Linked

Some things for you to explore online during this cold weather -

1.  This post from Momastery is a great read about relationships - and a great reminder.  Thanks to K for posting it first on Facebook.

2.  Anna Maria Horner has some cool color and fabric ideas on this Play Schedule post.  She's an amazing fabric designer.

3.  Winter gardening is alive and well in New Brunswick!  Thanks to Mel and Tyler who sent us this link to a CBC interview with Chester's Fields Farm.  Be sure to watch and be inspired.  Bob's brain is churning with more ideas now :)

4.  This Apple Pear Salad from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook site is a delicious taste of freshness on a cold winter's day.

5.  I love this 20" Little Leaves wall hanging quilt from Quilted Treasures in Minnesota!  The blanket stitches and the random leaves scattered on the pieced background are adorable!

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  1. wasn't that an interesting read at Momastery - such a different perspective but really touched my heart.