Saturday, July 16, 2011

Right Now

right now, I am ...
:: marveling at how quickly the summer days are flying by, filled up with so many good activities and people we love
:: revisiting friends that I haven’t seen since Samuel was only a few weeks old - and picking up right where we left off!
:: plotting what to cook for supper tomorrow night
:: finishing another great day
:: stopping to head to bed since New Brunswick time is 3 hours ahead of Alberta and it’s getting late here!
:: wondering how Bob is doing at home all alone this week
:: casting around for ideas of what to look for at the flea market tomorrow afternoon - things like a wool blanket, fabric, a canner and jars, and a coffee table
:: listening to the fridge hum as it cools down the good food we bought today
:: queing a list of things still to do, make and enjoy
:: feeling like I am definitely on summer vacation
:: loving the Farmer’s Market experience we had today
:: hoping that Tyler doesn’t get called in to the hospital tonight - he’s on a 24 hour weekend call and spent 7 hours working today.
:: wanting to make as many memories with Samuel as possible since it will be a while until I see him again 
:: thinking about worship tomorrow
:: reminding myself that I am blessed beyond measure!
:: making a space in the living room for my bed
:: planning to go for a walk across the walking bridge on Monday

Enjoying every minute with this little guy
who had to have a rest and put his feet up because
"he was too tired from cooking (play) pancakes"!


  1. Perfect. It all sounds exactly what you should be doing right now. Enjoy the cuddles and "pancake" making! Missy needs me to play "shop" every time I see her. This does not bode well for her father's wallet in future years!

  2. looks like you are having a wonderful time! Glad you could make the trip and have a visit with the kids!

  3. oh dear, that photo is SO cute! just love it.