Friday, July 01, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Happy Canada Day!

2.  Last weekend we attended "A Young Adult Photo Exhibit of Our community" that is part of a PhD. research project the pastor at my parents' church is doing on the topic of conversations in rural communities.  My talented nephew had several pieces displayed.  The whole research project is quite fascinating.

3.  I subscribe to National Geographic's photo of the day and this week one of the photos reminded me of a similar one that I took when we were on safari in Kenya.

This one was submitted to the NG Traveler Photo Contest by Eric Langlay and taken at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Here is mine taken in the Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya.

Big differences in our photography and post-processing (I assume) but being up close and personal with elephants is the same!  My picture and the memories of that morning are still so very vivid - and so wonderful.

4.  I love hearing the birds singing when the windows are open first thing in the morning.  A little wren has taken up residence in the birdhouse we have on the patio and she sits in the saskatoon bush and sings away.  The magpies at 5 a.m. are not so sweet though!

5.  Remember last week I showed you the picture of a painting that my friend received as a retirement gift?  And I mused that perhaps the artist would do one for her mom who was also retiring?  Well - she did!  Here's the second painting and my friend, Marlene.



  1. How nice for Marlene! She is a wonderful Teacher and was a favorite of our girls. Her daughter is truly talented

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day - are William and Kate coming anywhere near you? Because of their tour, we are seeing quite a bit of Canada on TV at the moment!It looks very beautiful.

    That painting is gorgeous - so much talent. Enjoy your weekend, Crystal!

  3. That painting is just awesome! What a great gift.

    I listened to that same bird at your house and loved hearing it in the morning too.
    Hope you had a great Canada Day!