Monday, July 11, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Summertime fun has been in full swing around here!  We went away on a little quadding trip with family and celebrated some special birthdays with the other side of the family last week.  The weather was hot and sunny and then turned stormy and very rainy.  The mosquitoes are growing bigger and hungrier by the minute - it's ridiculous!  But so many good times have been had and so many great memories have been made that we aren't letting little things interfere.

God's goodness is filling every day and so I count on with the little moment-by-moment wonders that He puts everywhere for me.  How very blessed I am!

#2710 - #2740

- safety while travelling
- time spent with loved ones
- laughter around the campfire
- smoke that sends the mosquitoes away
- a snug camper

- wildflowers blooming everywhere
- tall, tall trees
- rivers, clear and running fast
- firewood
- beautiful vistas

- watching others with their grandchildren
- a visit with our grandchildren who are safely home from a vacation
- a kind and beautiful daughter-in-law
- working together
- abundant, delicious food

- baby smiles
- cooing and sounds from Maëlle
- shy smiles from Blake
- great big hugs from Meadow
- pictures of vacation fun

- pancakes cooked on an outside grill
- breakfast stacks
- grilled salmon and new potatoes
- delicious birthday cakes
- birthday celebrations

- travel opportunities
- safety while driving through windy rainstorms
- the mail moving again
- intense discussions on convention resolutions
- childhood memories shared with great laughter

Thank you God for these wonderful days of summer and the times we share.

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  1. This made me smile, Crystal - I love the photo of you and Bob up the mountain! You have been very busy indeed!