Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Samuel got new golf clubs last week from Auntie Abby and Uncle Patrick - and he is definitely putting them to good use!  He loves to give out the 3 clubs and always keeps the blue 'iron' for himself.  He goes out on the lawn and "whacks" the ball around and around, with great success at hitting and getting it up in the air.  It's really quite amazing!

2.  This is the beautiful historic home in which Melinda and Tyler have an apartment, on the right hand side, in what used to be the servants' quarters.  Their apartment is on 2 floors and looks like a little add-on to the main house. 

The house has 3 other apartments., including the rest of the main floor which is where the owner lives.  

This is their view from the back deck and you can see the lawn to the left where Samuel loves to play.

Over the next 2 years all of the exterior wood on the house will be replaced - a huge project!

3.  Here is the view from the dining room table with the house right across the street and about 3 blocks away, the New Brunswick Provincial Legislature.   This whole area of the city is a designated historic properties zone and all the homes are wonderfully restored and beautifully painted.  

4.  I am enjoying this little man so much!  Here he's trying out the special chair at the greenhouse where Mommy was buying some pots for her plants.  (On a side note, most of the plants at the greenhouse were $1 a pot, including the begonias!)

5.  This summer Melinda signed up for a weekly Community Shared Agriculture fresh vegetable box from The Jolly Farmer organic farm.  She picked her order up at a local shop and I was amazed at what was inside this week!  

So many fresh, delicious vegetables to use and the added fruit box had 3 quarts of fresh strawberries!

And next Thursday another one comes :)  

Have you guessed that I'm in Fredericton, New Brunswick this week?!!  I'm enjoying every minute of this visit and these people!!

Flower cauldrons all along the downtown streets


  1. I LOVE the golfing :) Happy summer friend - sounds like it's been a good one :)

  2. Oh, you will be having such fun! How old is Samuel now? Do you think Missy needs gold clubs too? I feel the need to get her some! I think they are sort of the same age, aren't they?
    You have the best time - and keep taking photos - they are lovely!