Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #30

Listography #30 - Places I Would Like To Go

In no particular order!

1.  Australia and New Zealand

2.  Disneyland with our whole family

3.  India

4.  Hawaii

5.  Antarctica

6.  Chile and Peru

7.  More of Europe, especially Italy and Switzerland

8.  Greece and Turkey

9.  All 50 states in the USA

10.  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

11.  Galapagos Islands

12.  Russia and Ukraine

13.  Iceland

14.  The Netherlands in the springtime

15.  On a special trip with each of our grandchildren individually, when they are older

I could make this list much, much longer!  Pretty much anywhere in the world is a place to travel for me!
All pictures are from Pinterest links.


  1. I was just going to say that your list pretty much includes every place you haven't been to yet. ;) I agree with you; travelling is awesome and there is so much to see in each different place. I have a long lengthy list, but Disneyland in the next five to seven years would be awesome with Samuel. Maybe Gramma and Grampa would meet us there, and some cousins, too. ;)

  2. Oh man, I love this list - totally forgot about the Netherlands in the spring on my list. I think we should check off some of these together. :)