Friday, July 15, 2011

Berry Picking

After Tyler got home from the hospital this afternoon, we headed out to the Sunset Berry Farm to get some fresh berries.  It was only a 15 minute drive away and in an hour we picked 2 pails of strawberries and 5 quarts of raspberries.

Tyler and I had our pails full of berries in about 15 minutes - the plants were just hanging with huge berries!  There was heavy rain here at the beginning of the week and as a result, there are so many spoiled berries now.  I felt so bad for the farm as so much of the crop is not usable.   There were lots of people picking which was nice to see.  

 While we picked strawberries, beside us Melinda picked raspberries!  They are her favourite and she was quick to head over and fill these baskets right up.

Samuel loves these just as much as Mel does and he helped himself to lots!

I'm sure his little tummy was stretched to the max between the 2 berry patches!

Smart Mommy knew that little boy would need a diversion so a bottle of bubbles was tucked in with the pails.  The ever-present golf club made a great bubble bat!

But the best part of all was the field tractor sitting beside the fruit stand!  Sitting up on the seat and moving that steering wheel "really fast", made one little boy very, very happy.  In his words, "I driving like Grampa Bob.  Go fast!"

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  1. oh how fun! i really want to find one around here to go to. wanna come and pick with me now too?! it's still a while before there's much picking to be done here.