Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #27 and #28

Listography #27 - What I Would Do With A Million Dollars

1.  Donate a big chunk to Compassion International to use for schools and hospitals

2.  Take our whole family on a big trip to a sunny destination like Hawaii

3.  Travel to Antartica, Australia and New Zealand - and other places!

4.  Help our kids pay for their homes

5.  Do a major bathroom renovation and finish the basement

6.  Re-landscape the yard - and have it maintained every spring

7.  Wipe out our debts

8.  Put money away for our grandchildren's education

9.  Donate to Canadian Lutheran World Relief to build wells in villages in developing countries

10.  Support Aboriginal women's projects in Canada and abroad

Listography #28 - Scary Things

1.  Mice, rats and other rodents

2.  Snakes - any and all of them!

3.  Big spiders

4.  Icy roads

5.  Extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes

6.  Losing my senses

7.  Something seriously bad happening to our children and grandchildren

8.  Traffic accidents

9.  Deep water - like above my chin deep

10.  Roller coasters and other crazy rides

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