Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Numbers

10 days

113 loads

umpteen rain showers

nearly 3 inches of rain

1 stuck tractor

1 truck stuck twice

1 silo press buried in the mud

1 truck + 1 tractor pulling 1 silo press out

900 feet of plastic

2 broken chains

8 broken shear bolts

1 tire pumped up many times

14 meals from lunch kits

1 picnic in the field

600+ litres of fuel

2 tubes of grease

3 litres of oil

1 self-portrait!

Total = lots of feed for the winter + 1 tired mama + the job finished!


  1. Phew! It's finally finished after all the rain, breakdowns and delays. I'm sure Dad's very happy to see this project completed, and I'm sure the recipient of all that feed is very happy, too. What's next?

  2. I am not surprised you are tired! I am in awe of the amount of work involved in farming, Crystal. But i suspecat that it must be hugely satisfying to look at the finished bales. Are they bales? Hmmm. My farming knowledge is shocking, I confess.

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