Monday, August 02, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

A new month begins and the counting goes on -

- being a mom to four amazing adults

- having the very best daughter- and sons-in-law

- staying healthy when those around me are feeling low

- plump red berries hanging and waiting

- containers filling the deep freeze

- help with the picking and putting away

- visits

- a house full of laughter and little voices

- time spent reading, story after story after story

- acting out the stories she's read  - she was Sister Bear, I was Queenie and her Mama was Tuffy, the bully

- listening as she explores the wonders of numbers

- introducing new concepts and watching her absorb
- his growing vocabulary - "Ampa!   Cod ride -  out -  go!  Come!"  (as he takes your pointer finger and pulls you out!)

- a Creator Father who builds the miracles of children and sends them to our family

- gathered around the table

- little helpers

- hearing about the European trip from my sister

- relatives who I don't even know but who are part of my heritage

- picking the first tiny zucchini

- weeds pulled out

- our son-in-law who has spent more than 2 months preparing to write his US medical licensing exam tomorrow - and his commitment to being a husband and daddy while studying

- watching them play together

- golden sunlight at day's end

- a reprieve from biting mosquitoes

- tall, lush crops growing

- learning more about my camera

- marveling at how much she knows and what she teaches me

- that every day is filled with God's blessings, especially the gift of each day

- that His love and grace always cover me over

1 comment:

  1. Btw, I like the new colour of your blog. It looks great.
    What a fantastic list and photos to go with it. I can almost taste those fresh picked berries. Yum!
    Thanks for thinking about Tyler. I'm wondering how it's going and how he's feeling, but just being faithful to pray for him the whole day through.
    Samuel would also love some time sitting on the couch reading with you and a quad ride with Grampa. I love Silas's little words. Miss you all so much. xxx