Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

The dew is on the grass - the sun is shining - the apple trees are bending heavy - all is right with the world on this August morning.  And the counting of thanks continues -

- grass after the rain

- sun breaking through clouds

- breakthrough of sun after waking to rain

- newly mown lawn

- old friends and Sunday visits

- afternoons on the patio

- surprise visits from grandchildren

- hearing an important message in the Sunday sermon

- hugs from Meadow

- Blake's beautiful smile

- thoughts of our family who live away from us

- a bag full of garden goodness to share

- pail of crabapples, right off the tree

- quiet Monday mornings

- wise words from Ann

- abundance

- thinking of - and praying for - Christians in places that are different from mine

- receiving the name of a new sponsor child via Compassion International in the mail - and her name is Helena - oh, the miracles God sends!

- finishing a simple new bag, via Martha

- filling the bag with a few groceries

- blanching vegetables for the freezer

- pancakes for lunch :)

- canning supplies, like vinegar, on sale

- trusting that God knows me, cares for me and has me safe in His care

holy experience


  1. I love a newly mown lawn, rain and my compassion child; Ronie! Thanks for sharing

  2. That's so incredible- your new Compassion child's name. Such sweet blessings.
    Glad that the rain is settling down a little. I do hope you get the rest of the crops off without anymore delay.
    And your garden sounds like it's overflowing. Are you able to keep up with all the picking, cleaning, canning, freezing and storing? Wish we could come help with it all.

  3. Heather Moll10:39 PM

    Oh wow, I can't believe your Compassion Child's name! That is so amazing!
    The bag looks awesome! Are you happy with it?
    And I love Ann's blog too. Her words ALWAYS hit me so hard.