Monday, August 09, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

We had a few special events this weekend and now there's a busy week of farming ahead of us. It's a very good day to reflect on the fullness of my life.

- less of me and more of Him,  a huge reminder from Holly

- fragrant sweet peas given with a smile from my Dad

- birthdays - my Mom is 77 today and my Dad will be 78 tomorrow

- family gatherings

(one more family came just a few minutes later)

- seeing my nieces and nephews become amazing women and men

- water for my plants

- summer sun

- special birthday cakes

- good recipes (cake from Pioneer Woman and icing from Martha Stewart)

- leftovers for lunch

- a new tablecloth

- ripening tomatoes

- fresh crabapples, straight from the tree

- watching generations together

- summer lunches

- wide awake mornings

- crafting of birthday presents

- good food

- clear blue skies

- fresh-baked granola

- thoughts of the one who shared that recipe, especially as she waits for her new babe to arrive

- parades

- watching a brilliant lightning storm flash across the sky

- reminded of the One who creates such power and wonder

- productive days

- surprise supper served in the field 

- the feeling of peace that fills my soul tonight

holy experience


  1. Happy Birthday Gramma & Grampa! The day looked perfect with warm weather, great food and time catching up wtih everyone.
    Btw, Samuel's trying very hard to write you a note this morning. ;)
    Hope the field work goes well and you accomplish all you need to this week.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    So many amazing gifts. It looks like the party went well. I love the family photo. :)