Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ten on Thursday

It's been a few weeks since I've done this little exercise!

1.  I met an old colleague today and spent an hour, leaning on a wall, listening as she shared her story.  She's helping her mom who is descending into dementia - it's hard for her.

2.  Browsing in paper shops and kitchen shops is an interesting way to spend an hour :)

3.  Finding deals while browsing is even better!!

4.  Purchased an even feed presser foot (also known as a walking foot) for my very old machine.  And the clerk tried to talk me into a new sewing machine at the same time!  Not happening right now!

5.  On Groundhog Day, Shutter Sisters posted a challenge about playing with shadows.  I took this picture as the sun was slanting into the western sky, about 3:30 p.m..  The shadows were falling in long stripes across the snow and of course the full effect isn't captured here.

6.  Our county is sponsoring a one day seminar on 'Food and Markets' next week.  One of the topics is Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) which has become so popular in the US.  Lunch is billed as being locally produced.  I wish I could go with Bob but I'm subbing that day.  Interesting possibilities out there when one starts looking for them.

7.  8 more days until the Olympics start in Vancouver!

8.  If you are interested in doing something tangible to help Haiti, visit Randi at I Have To Say.  She's coordinating  "Sewing Seeds," a skirt sewing project for little girls and would love your help.

9.  I had fun with Meadow, Naomi and Blake at the Royal Alberta Museum today.  More details tomorrow!

10.  My teacher friends and colleagues are in the city at Teacher's Convention today and tomorrow.  I miss the Show and Tell sessions we used to have at the end of each day when everyone would show all the neat things they'd purchased that day.  But I don't miss the 'cha-ching' of the credit card which enabled that spending!


  1. I am off to do some serious 'cha chinging' tomorrow (resources, resources, resources).

  2. Love your busy, productive life!!!

  3. i'm excited to see that link for the skirts!! thanks!!!

  4. Love your list! I'm very curious about how the meeting on CSA's went - that sounds very cool. Dad better get started on his project. :)

    I hope we can catch up this weekend! Miss you!

  5. I saw an old school chum today and didn't run and hide! Chalk one up for me!

    I never did learn how to sew..or know, or crochet. I did cross stitch a strawberry picture once...I was pretty proud of that.

    Are you close enough to go to some of the olymic events? That would be so exciting!

    I love that picture! We never get snow like that here....just a dusting every now and again. You chose a winner there!

  6. Hi Crystal! My bloglines is a little behind in updating my blog list--this one appeared yesterday!

    Anyway, I also have a very old sewing machine--and I love it. It's a workhorse, like the kind we used in home-ec class. XO