Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ten on Thursday - Olympics Continued

1.  Yeah, Canada!!!  Bronze medal for Joannie Rochette tonight in women's figure skating - what an amazing woman she is.  And I am absolutely certain that her mother is so, so proud of her!

2.  Yeah, Canada!!!  Gold medal in women's hockey - and a shut-out - WOW!!  And my friend's daughter was there watching the game tonight - how cool is that!

3.  Yeah, Canada!!!  Women's gold medal curling game tomorrow - you can do it!

4.  Yeah, Canada!!!  Men's gold medal curling game on Saturday - and we'll miss it :(

5.  Yeah, Canada!!!  7 - 3 over the Russians - gold medal game, here we come!

6.  Yeah for Olympic gear to wear the last 2 weeks :))  Thanks to my sister for the coolest sweater ever - I'll show it to you one day.

7.  Yeah for crossing the second big thing off my to-do list today!  One more to go  - and then I am so getting back into sewing, quilting, scrapbooking - and maybe even painting more walls.

8.  Yeah for new shoes - that fit - and at half price too :))

9.  Yeah for parcels at the post office!

10.  Yeah for these guys -

who we are going to visit soon!  But the littlest one doesn't look like that any more!  So excited to see how he's changed and to cuddle with him.


  1. Sp happy Joannie won that Bronze. What courage.

  2. Canada is doing very well! I enjoyed watching the women's hockey team sing O Canada.

    So glad that you'll be getting to see Tyler, Melinda and Samuel again! XO

  3. Horray for the Olympics. I've really enjoyed watching them this year with being around home so much. It was perfect timing to have a baby. Have a great time in NYC with Tyler and Mel and Samuel! Praying for you that you have safe travels.

  4. I guess it would be inappropriate of me to come to your blog and yell USA! USA! wouldn't it? alas.
    I haven't watched a lot of the olympics...but I kinda/sorta keep up with who wins. How exciting for all the winners. I imagine they'll be walking on Cloud 9 for months to come.

  5. GO Canada Go!!!! We've been loving the coverage this year!

    So glad you got one thing crossed off your list - that must be a huge relief!

    I hope you guys have an awesome time with the Greens!

  6. Oh man, it's incredible and nail-biting. Tyler was going crazy over here tonight. These next two days are going to be a thrill, too. Can't wait to watch the hockey game with you!!

  7. Yeah, Canada! What a ride it's been, and there's more to come! After tonight's nail biter game against Slovakia, we're all primed for another encounter with the USA! Woo hoo!