Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Today I was blessed with:

- a long ten hour sleep (almost unheard of for me!)

- a body that felt rested

- canned peaches for breakfast

- lunch pieces quickly gathered

- lemon ginger tea

- dry highway

- computer knowledge

- Olympic gold excitement

- finding out tidbits of information

- an eager ESL student

- hockey questions and explanations

- no supervision :)

- juicy sweet green grapes

- pencils scratching down answers

- learning a new way of supporting readers

- headphones in the computer lab

- reminders of Valentine's Day

- talking - for it means they are social and enjoy each other

- vehicle registration paid for another year

- quick suppers

- extensive Olympic coverage on TV

- desserts

- interesting conversation

- meeting new people from diverse backgrounds

- being part of the change I want to see

- good news from these guys

- bargains

- cheerful cashiers

- safe travels

- sneak peeks

- beauty in the drifts of winter

- fresh fruits and vegetables

- another day of subbing

- rest at the end of the day

- His presence with me, every step of the way

holy experience


  1. You slept almost as long as Samuel! I bet if felt great. I told Samuel and Tyler yesterday that I'm going to bed when Samuel does tonight. ;)

    The peaches look delicious and a great little summertime taste. Love this gratitude list full of all the pieces of your day.

  2. Oh I am jealous of that sleep!! Mine was less that half of yours :) Love these posts!!

  3. Great list! I love reading about all the things you are grateful for. :)