Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

On this day these gifts filled my life:

- reading my Bible - first thing!

- a clean counter in the kitchen

- quiet filled mornings

- granola (made with Jill's recipe)

- conversation with my husband

- mild temperatures

- handmade cards

- letters written to our Compassion children

- cutting this fabric into pieces

- squares and rectangles neatly stacked and waiting

- mastering the rotary cutter and ruler

- paperwork organized and stacked

- juicy green grapes

- being organized for supper

- the automatic washer swishing away

- green houseplants returned to the living room

- God's promises to finish the work He has begun in me

- bright colors outside in the white of winter

- turning the calendar leaf on a new month

- warm tapioca pudding

- downloading pictures

- time to recall old memories

- salad for lunch tomorrow

- hot tea on a cold evening

- frozen bags of vegetables, reminders of summer's crop

- icicles - because at some point it was very warm there!

- rescheduling appointments

- postage stamps

- pungent cinnamon from Zanzibar

- online inspiration

- empty laundry baskets

- photo memories of Darrin and Kelsey's wedding

- textures, unnoticed this summer but so vivid now

- shared laughter

- countdown to the Olympics

- peace in my heart and my life

- wise words from other bloggers

- browsing through old magazines

- the sure knowledge that He holds me - and all my tomorrows - in His hand

holy experience


  1. Love the icicle shot! As always, your blog is such a lovely window into your day. I was just looking at some gorgeous photos of winter in Alberta on my brother's Flickr site, and thought of you. They might look kind of familiar. You can check them out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/glaciertim/

  2. I keep saying this, but your Gratitude lists create such a vivid picture of your day, and life, Crystal. Beautiful. Have you posted the recipe for the pumpkin squares anywhere? They sound delicious. In fact your whole baking list sounds wonderful!

    And as an extra ps..... you have no idea how much your words of encouragement and love mean to me, my friend. You are a star. Thank you.

  3. I just love reading your gratitude gifts.

  4. I used my Zanzibar cinnamon this week, too. It's delicious and went perfectly in the pumpkin muffins I made. Thank-you!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list, the little glimpses into your day and the joy you find in the everyday. Love you!

  5. Lovely, Crystal.

    Your cards are beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!

    It sounds like there is so much order to your home--truly something to be thankful for. XO

  6. Mom, I love these fabrics!! They are gorgeous and will be perfect. I might have to borrow a square from you so I can pick out paint to go with it. I'm super excited now!