Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

 I am blessed this day with:

- red orb of the sun ascending over the horizon much earlier every day

- no sickness in our home

- noticing nature outside the window

- spiced plum rooiboos tea in my travel mug

- the sweet faces of our grandsons on the outside of my travel mug

- melted cheese on buns for breakfast

- happy face greetings

- enthusiasm

- smiling colleagues

- hot chocolate + coffee + mocha fudge creamer at recess

- listening to little ones read

- library books

- time to eat lunch (seriously!)

- a tantrum free day

- educational assistants

- Olympic fever!

- Helping Hearts for Haiti

- successful partner work

- the magic of reading to the class

- books that lead us into other cultures

- curious faces at the window

- colored pens

- writing notes

- sunshine, glorious sunshine!

- warmer temperature as I leave the school

- driving home in the light

- haircuts

- the public library

- meeting friends

- color inspiration

- good ideas for supper

- fresh vegetables

- already cooked rice

- tea at the end of the day

- neighbors dropping in to visit

- phone calls from our kids (never ever get tired of this!)

- time to sew a few quilt blocks together

- homemade yogurt with maple syrup and raspberries

- the clothes dryer

- reading in my Bible

- praying in bed

- falling asleep quickly

I am so blessed!!

holy experience

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  1. Beautiful list! I'm hoping to start my list to 1000 soon.

  2. Wow, all that in one day!! What I love most about this list is that you know it all comes from Christ, through Him and because of Him.

  3. Beautiful, Crystal. I'm also so happy that the days are starting earlier and ending later. Wonderful to hear all that you have to be thankful for at work.

    (We make our own yogurt, too! Every week.)