Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Woman #77

For Today . . . February 22, 2010

Outside my window . . .  a damp, grey, chilly winter day.  We haven't seen the sun very much at all this winter and the temperature has fallen from weekend highs of +6 degrees C.  I hope spring comes soon!

I am thankful . . .  for God's promises, repeated again and again through His word down through the ages - and straight in to my heart!

And I also am thankful . . .  
that Naomi, Jerry, Meadow, Blake, Darrin and Kelsey are all safely home again after skiing this weekend.

I am praying . . .  
that Meadow will soon feel better.  She's been sick for a few days and had a visit to the doctor's today.

I am thinking . . .  about our book club gathering.  We have good conversation, laugh a lot and enjoy being together, sharing our love of reading.  We read "Baking Cakes in Kigali" by Gaile Parkin and I served Savoury CheeseCAKE, Chocolate CupCAKES with Chocolate Ganauche and a Canada CAKE.  It was a white sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream between the layers, a covering of whipped cream and strawberries laid out on top to make a Canadian flag.  And I forgot to take a picture - drat!

I am creating . . . 
 a care package for my nephew who is away at university.  I'm thinking that halfway through the semester would be a good time for some TLC :)

I am celebrating . . .
  a gold medal win for the Canadian ice dancers tonight - yeah!!!!!!!!

From the kitchen . . .  Bacon, Cheese, Tomato and Spinach sandwiches and book club snacks.  

I am wearing . . .  black cords, black tshirt, black and red Canada sweater and red slippers.  I think there's a theme going on!

I am reading . . . Mark 5 - Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, "Don't be afraid; just believe."  The words still ring true for me too!
                            Yesterday's Promise  by Linda Lee Chaikin - more on that later this week.
I am hoping . . .  that Joannie Rochette has an amazing skate tomorrow as she competes while dealing  with the sudden, unexpected loss of her mom yesterday.  What a shock!

I am hearing . . .  
the Olympic theme song, "I Believe".

I am going . . . to bed soon!

Around the house and yard . . .
 spotless!  Bob even gave the bathroom sink a major scrub today.  It's sparkling!

One of my favourite things . . .
 getting new books to read.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  1 day of subbing, a Health Advisory Council meeting, a hockey tournament and a big stack of to-do tasks.

A quote for today . . . “The best portions of a good man's life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts, Of kindness and love.”

—William Wordsworth
(1770-1850); poet

Here is a picture thought I am sharing . .  .  Hearts for Haiti hanging in the library window at school.  This local project saw the kids purchasing paper hearts and all donations going to Haiti.    


  1. How did the cakes go over? I wish I could have joined in the conversation and heard others' thoughts on the book. I really enjoyed it.

    We've all been wearing our Olympic apparel often these last two weeks, too, and staying up way too late to watch these special milestones.

    Enjoy your week and accomplishing all that's on the 'to do' list. Not much longer until we see you. ;)

  2. ooh, your cakes sound yummy!!! Our book club usually meets for dinner in restaurants, but we have talked about cooking to go along with the book theme!

  3. I love the I AM... post! I might do this soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope we connect again soon! BLESSINGS!

  4. Those cakes sound so good! What a great idea!