Friday, February 12, 2010

Let The Games Begin!!

 The Opening Ceremonies of the 21st Winter Olympic Games have just ended and we are all set to watch coverage on TV for the next 17 days!  May excellence, sportsmanship and friendship inspire all of us!

(the row of torches ready for today's Winter Olympics at school)

And with a heavy heart, I acknowledge the Georgian luger who lost his life on a practice run today - how very sad.  


  1. I tried to stay awake for the opening ceremony, but it started at 2am here, and sadly I was snoring. Not good.
    So sad re the luger from Georgia - so young and so on the cusp of realising his dream.
    But even more sad that the tv networks saw fit to show his accident in full colour and slow motion repeatedly.

  2. I stayed up for most of it, Crystal--and thought of you almost all the time! Spectacular.

    Do you guys really say 'zed'? ;)


  3. Wonderful and spectacular!!! We got to watch with our grands, which made it even more special. We don't watch a lot of TV but boy did we enjoy last nights ceremony. Canada did a wonderful job.

  4. Oooh, those are cool! How did you make them?

    We are super excited too!

  5. I kind of feel like I have a greater connection with you guys now. David being in Kamloops and snow boarding his little heart out (Ellisha suggested he might try for a late entry into the olympics - that's how brilliant he has become at the skill - apparently ;)) and the creator of the opening ceremony is an auusie (sorry about the hiccup with the torches). I loved the entry into the stadium.

  6. We're enjoying the cheering and the opening ceremonies were great. Love these torch creations. I was thinking the whole time about one day Samuel staying up late, eating popcorn and watching the games with us.

  7. I love those torches! The good thing about a torch relay at school is that you can see the whole thing - not like at the real one in Vancouver! And I bet you didn't do it in the rain, either...