Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ten on Thursday - Happy Edition

Heather shared an invitation to write about 10 things that make you happy, a meme that came via Meaghan - and it makes a perfect project for my Thursday post!

So here are my 10 happy things:

(at the museum's Munsch exhibit)

1.  Spending time with our children, their partners and our grandchildren.

2.  My faith life - praying, studying, worshiping, encouraging.

3.  Traveling to new places to experience culture, people and geography.

4.  Sewing

5.  Scrapbooking and photography - I love having the moments captured and then writing the stories and memories to go with them.

6.  Dessert - especially if it has chocolate or fruit in it!!

7.  Reading

8.  Iced tea or chai lattes - my favourite drinks.

9.  Walking or biking at the lake.

10.  Fresh flowers

11.  And one more for luck - I love pizza!

I'm sending an invitation to these bloggers to join in -

1.  Melinda
2.  Shelley
3.  Vanessa
4.  Linds
5.  Margaret
6.  Mary
7.  Carm
8.  Rhonda
9.  Rachelle
10.  Leigh


  1. Great list and photos. Time to get working on mine. ;)

  2. Cute little pants you made, Crystal!

    I love dessert and pizza, too. XO

    (My word verification for this post was 'silas'!)

  3. Yay! What a great list! We love spending time with you too.

    Today Helayna was pretending to be Gramma and was talking to Helayna and said, "You guys are my best, wonderful kids." It was so cute!

  4. Great list! I'll make one soon!