Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Blessings abound in my life:

- waking without the alarm clock

- clean dishes waiting to be put away

- oatmeal and bananas for breakfast

- sunshine, glorious sunshine!

- branches etched with white frost against a blue, blue sky

- our living room 'cocooned' to keep the cold winds out

- gazing at blades of green grass in the pictures on other blogs (Oregon and Maine)

- hearing the real-life stories of Olympic athletes

- hearing that Meadow is feeling better and had a good night's sleep

- piles of paper, alphabetized, filed, finished!

- Canada Cake - sponge cake + whipped cream + strawberries = delicious

- attitude adjustment - by me

- looking forward to seeing Samuel again

- branches unwrapped by the sun

- evidence / proof that God is taking care of us - every single day

- realizing that in one month our son will have been married for one year

- wedding memories

- bacon, cheese, tomato and spinach sandwiches

- hanging photos in the kitchen window

- burning CDs of pictures to share

- phone calls to loved ones

- chicken stir-fry

- my husband's parents

- words of encouragement

holy experience

Blogger absolutely refuses to post pictures today so here is my list in all its simplicity.


  1. Lots of blessings for you and for all of us, Crystal--God is so good. I'm so thankful for your blog. XO

  2. I love your list. We miss you guys.