Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ten on Thursday - Olympics Edition

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1.  Gold medal in men's freestyle skiing.

2.  Silver medal in women's freestyle skiing.

3.  Bronze medal in short track speed skating.

4.  Silver medal in men's snowboard cross.

5.  Gold medal in women's snowboard cross.

6.  Silver medal in women's short track speedskating.

7.  Gold medal in women's long track speed skating.

8.  Sydney Crosby scores a shootout goal to give Canada a hockey win over Switzerland.

9.  CTV is providing awesome coverage of the games, the people and the extra events in Vancouver!

10.  Still one more week of the Games to go!  Go, Canada, Go!!!!

And we hope the world is enjoying it too.


  1. It's been so awesome to watch, hey?!

    Tonight we had the TV on the hockey game and the computer streaming the Mens Figure Skating. We're going to need an intervention soon.

  2. Australia just got a gold medal - Yeah!

  3. I haven't had a lot of time to watch but we did stay up LATE and watched the mens skating last night. The ice skating is my favorite part.

  4. It's been a great first week for our athletes. My favourite thing about the winter Olympics is seeing sports televised that don't normal have any coverage like cross-country skiing and speed skating.
    We're cheering lots even from the other side of the border. I love the medals this year, too.

  5. I agree with Heather!! We had both on as well, and we were trying to set up the Quilt table etc. and I was watching skating and Alvin the hickey game. Between two of us looking at different screens and trying to get things set up we were not progressing very fast. My studio is a disaster and the grandkids are coming to stay for 4 days, I MUST get busy!!