Sunday, January 03, 2010

Poetry for a Sunday

Earlier this fall, after I posted a gratitude entry, Margaret emailed me and asked if she could use my thoughts in a poem.  I was very surprised at the request and honoured that she would ask to write with my ideas.  We've chatted online several times and once again I realize how blessed I am by the people I have met in blogland.  I love the poem she wrote!

How He Loves Me Still
Margaret Brown

Oh, how He loves me, He knows my every prayer,
Lavishing gifts of beauty that surround me everywhere.
Clouds tinted pink from a glowing sunrise,
The sheer intensity of the purple evening skies.
Like a billowing breeze blowing countless falling leaves,
Countless are His thoughts that He thinks about me!
Gently invading daybreak with a regally creeping sun
‘Til a burst of fire lights my day, crowning the horizon.
Trees with leafless branches reaching toward the sky,
Remind me to praise Him with my own hands held high.
Sometimes I stumble and fall from His will,
Ah, though He knows me, He loves me still.

1 comment:

  1. What an honour indeed! The poem is so beautiful! WOW! Something to cherish forever!