Thursday, January 21, 2010

Self Portrait

On Sunday afternoon, Helayna and Silas came in from playing in the sandbox and had to wash their hands.  As part of my photo a day / Project 12, I've decided I need to do a monthly self portrait so it just worked out that I captured this little gem!  I love the impromptu that works out so perfectly :))

Silas can just reach into the sink when he's standing on the little bench now and he LOVES to splash!

And after the hands were finally washed, Gramma washed the mirror and cleaned / dried the bathroom - and the littles had to change their clothes!!


  1. ;) Only with Gramma! Love the self portrait. It's great to see some pictures of you. Miss you!

  2. i love these photos. they make me so happy! sorry i've been so mia on your blog.