Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty and Gratitude

Over at Holy Experience, Ann wrote about a Beauty Challenge and finding Beauty Inspiration in the everyday and mundane of our daily lives.  She always speaks to my soul and so I immediately gathered up a collection of vases and went outside in search of beauty on a chilly, windy autumn day.  And oh, I found beauty in the ending of a season as plants and the land prepare for the long rest of winter.

And these simple reminders grace our mantle, amidst the chaos of some house renovations, a calm vignette  of God's goodness and the beauty that only He can give to us.

These things fill my gratitude list today:

- the sun regally creeping over the horizon in a burst of fire to light the morning

- clouds tinted pink and yellow by the glow of sunrise

- empty branches of leafless trees reaching up to the sky, reminding me to reach upward too

- smooth, smooth roads

- water -  so much clean water to drink

- the smell of supper cooking

- books to read

- fresh color covering my walls

- the smiles of our grandchildren

- red poppies to remind me to remember

- young voices raised in choir singing of Flander's Fields

- hugs from a dear, dear friend

- book club discussions and the diversity of thinking

- a glimpse inside the thinking of a child as new math concepts and strategies are explored

- the service given by men and women in war times and through peace keeping

- pictures and the reminder of good times and new places

- fresh hot popcorn

- a favourite tea mug

- the intensity of evening skies

- the sound of geese gathering to migrate south - they seem so excited to meet up again

Consider joining the Gratitude Community and building your list of 1000 gifts with us.

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  1. I love the name of your blog, "Be the Change You Want to See." It's perfect!

    Your gratitude list is some of the wonderful things that we take for granted so often...thanks for reminding me.

    Do you mind if I write a poem using some of your list?


  2. Margaret -
    Send me an email and we can chat further. Thanks!

  3. Such a rich list of blessings Crystal. I loved reading through it.
    Your vases look so pretty. It's amazing what a little beauty can bring to a home.
    So glad to meet you.