Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Today I am grateful for these gifts:

- phone calls from the sub office

- lunch made the night before

- ginger lemon tea

- a warm shower

- Oil of Olay skin creme

- Burt’s Bees colored lip gloss

- good driving conditions

- smiles to greet me in grade 1

- great lesson plans :)

- organized systems for hot lunch orders

- playing games to discover the sounds of letters

- little ones echo reading

- watching pointer fingers follow the words

- eyes lighting up as I hear “Hey, I get it!”

- mini-muffins for snack

- hot chocolate + coffee + flavoured creamer

- helpful colleagues checking in on me

- reading stories 

- beautiful illustrations

- favourite authors

- kids having fun on crazy carpets on the big hill

- warm winter clothes

- Kleenex in my pocket

- cooperation and good natures

- sandwiches

- time to read independently

- math word stories

- “Tell another one!”

- after school visiting

- shared pizza bread

- a pot of tea

- non-stop chatting

- a listening friend

- coming home to supper ready to heat

- popcorn with melted butter

- warm air blowing from the furnace

- a rocking chair

- making lists

- warm gloves

- the last piece of Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing

- email messages

- going to bed early

holy experience


  1. Sounds like you had a grand, fulfilling day.

  2. So many great things in your day. Nothing quite like a pot of tea shared with friends.

  3. some might think a lot on that list be mundane - things we take for granted - pass us by - entitlements even. I read them and had a skip in my heart. A gentle reminder that in our day our hundreds of blessings. Surely, the more we acknowledge the greater the blessing. Thank you for sharing.