Monday, January 18, 2010

Simple Woman #72


For Today . . . January 18, 2010

Outside my window . . .  still sunny and warm - unseasonably so!  +5 degrees C, stubble showing through on the hilltops where the wind had already blown snow away, and longer evenings now that we are nearly a month away from the winter solstice.  Just two months until the first day of spring :

I am thankful . . .   for fresh water and a place to call home, especially after watching scenes from Haiti the last few days. 

And I also am thankful . . .  for safe traveling, near and far.

I am praying . . .  
for Austin as he recovers from a heart transplant.  (You can read his story here.)

I am thinking . . .  about a new quilting project!

I am creating . . .
some birthday cards - my stash is low :)

I am celebrating . . .
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  The social justice changes he worked for did occur but there is still work to do and changes to make, even today.  You can go here to read one of his amazing speeches.

 From the kitchen . . .  leftover Salmon Chowder for lunch, Spaghetti with Pesto  and Greek Salad for supper, and Cinnamon Buns rising now.  I've only made them a few times ever so this is big for me :))

I am wearing . . .black track pants, blue and white striped tshirt,  green fleece jacket, red slippers (lots of color going on here today).

I am reading . . . Matthew 15 - Do I honour God with my lips or my life?
                     . . . The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks - " Sparks restores our belief in destiny - delivering a stunning tale about a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life."  He always writes such heartfelt stories that I thought this would be a good one in between book club reads.  

I am hoping . . .  to get the Christmas tree down and decorations put away this week - it's time, I guess.

I am hearing . . .  the soundtrack from "Walk The Line" - oldies! 

I am going . . .  to find the sketch for my Project 12 layout so I can think about it some more.

Around the house and yard . . .
 clean counters and laundry caught up!  I do need to vacuum today. 

One of my favourite things . . .
 cutting into a new bolt of fabric and watching raw pieces of a project emerge.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  
3 days of subbing, book club gathering, photo a day to update,  birthday gifts to send off and hosting friends for supper.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing . .  . Heather, Helayna and Silas at the end of our weekend together.  It was marvelous to see them and enjoy time, visiting, playing and worshiping together.  

You can read more daybooks over at Peggy's Simple Woman site. 


  1. So glad to know I am not the only one with Christmas decos all around ;)

    Have a wonderful week - Kathy

  2. The cinnamon buns sounds good. How'd they turn out? The salmon chowder would also be very tasty. Wanna share the recipe?
    Love the picture! I miss everyone. I'm glad you went down and saw them. It's always so good to get together. Enjoy the warm temperatures. I'm sure winter still has some snow and cold temperatures to shed.

  3. I dropped by from Peggy's to read your daybook. I am hoping my mom, sisters, and I can get some quilting projects started before to long also. Cinnamon Buns ~ sounds delicious.

    Have a great week.