Friday, January 08, 2010

Embrace - Week One

2010 is one week old already!  How quickly that passed by!  My one word for this year, as outlined by Ali Edwards,  is EMBRACE and I'm looking forward to living this word this year.  The dictionary definition that I like is:  to adopt, accept, incorporate, welcome.  This year I want to embrace life - to welcome each day with the plans that God has for me, to incorporate more of His living into my words and actions, and to adopt practices that suit a life of intention, simplicity and joy.

After 4 days of working, it was time to EMBRACE a quieter day!  Some reading, some chatting with my husband, some fresh air, some photography, some homemade soup and buns, some Bible study.  

Last night I had to shovel a path through this snowdrift so I could get in to the driveway.  Luckily our neighbor came later with the snowblower and cleared the whole thing.


Remember this truck from an autumn picture?  It's still there - and covered with snow now.

A skating rink on the lake


  1. I love your word, and I think I am also going to make Saturday the day I review my "celebrate" too. Great idea, Crystal.
    The phot of the lake is so beautiful. I just wish we were as prepared for the snow as you are!

  2. Wonderful word choice, Crystal. And thanks for the reminder to 'embrace' the year. January's almost over---one more week to fully experience. XO