Friday, January 08, 2010

Ten on Thursday - Happy Birthday, Bob!

It's been quite a year!

One where you realized one of your dreams,

met 2 new grandsons,

played lots,

tested your skills time and again ,

helped others,

hung out with our kids,

rode many trails,

played lots of games,

and many times reminded me how glad I am that I married you!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Bob.

    I reckon that alongside you being glad that you married the man - he would be ever so delighted that he is married to you.

    As a family - you are inspirational.

  2. Happy Birthday to you dear hubby!

  3. Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for the wonderful snapshot of this year with Dad. I'm wiping my tears as I read this. I miss you both so much. Please give Dad big hugs and kisses from us!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Krueger! Looks like it was quite a year. May the Lord bless you and your wife and grant you many more years together!

  5. Happy Birthday, Bob!! I have to echo everything Mary said up there at the top - you will be his treasure, I know, as he is yours, and you have been so abundantly blessed, Crystal. I am so glad we met and became friends!
    May the next year bring you both more adventures, more fun and loads more love and laughter.