Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

It's been quite a day - one where looking at my blessings is even more important.
So I look and see where Heavenly Father gives me abundance and blessings more than I can imagine or ever deserve.

- a long night of sleep

- early rising

- a day of subbing

- safety

- excellent support staff

- hugs

- students on track and on task

- mental alertness

- using my brain again to remember factors and multiples

- French vocabulary

- sticky cinnamon buns

- my rolling pin :)

- great lesson plans

- friends

- listening

- my husband

- requests for subbing

- graphs

- recess breaks

- students proud of their efforts and work

- new Valentine books

- cutting out new fabric projects

- discussions about world affairs

- hard questions posed by students searching for meaning

- expressions of empathy for victims, especially in Haiti, from students

- taking learning out of the textbook and into their lives

- rides

- mailing letters

- new Olympic stamps

- phone messages

- understanding

- leftovers

- sun shining in the window and laying across the floor

- scarves (especially those from Egypt)

- memories as the Christmas decorations are packed away

- phone calls to our daughters and son

- Meadow's voice

- a clean pool table!

- books found

- piles of stuff to share with others

- a new rotary cutter and mat

- chai tea

- warm baths

- our cameras

- prayer

- feeling His arms wrapped around me

holy experience


  1. glad you are fully embracing the rolling pin. Your gratitude list is always so 'real' and humble. Thanks for reminding me to acknowledge the often overlooked blessings that come our way, every day.

  2. The cinnamon buns look great. That's an inspiring reason to use your rolling pin. ;)
    There's so much to be greatful for even when things don't quite go as you expect. Love you lots. Sending big hugs from us and some slobbery kisses from Samuel.