Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

These gifts enriched my life today:

- quiet 

- fresh sheets

- new color in the bedroom

- sun streaming in through the window

- time to study

- reading the words of Jesus as he taught his disciples

Isaiah 55:9 Pictures, Images and Photos

(photo by colonial777)

- iTunes

- quickly finding information on the internet

- green growing plants

- fresh grapefruit

- new pants

- pinecone cheese spread on crackers

- soft and cozy preshrunk flannel 

- a smooth, shiny floor

- newly polished shoes

- learning how to answer text messages

- water drops falling off the roof

- +8 C on the thermometer

- freshly made lemon-basil laundry soap

- lingering Christmas decorations

- crisp apples

- starting a new jar in the freezer for soup stock

- finding lost gloves

- sending e-birthday cards

- new pink business envelopes

- 75% sales

- finishing a book

- starting a new book

- chocolate covered cranberries

- papers filed

- fewer piles

- juicy melons and pineapple

 - washing machine and dryer

- leftovers for lunch

- uploading pictures for printing

- inspiration for home decorating on a budget

- my completed December Daily album 

- memories of the whole month collected in 1 place

- melting snowbanks

- feeling God's presence in my day

holy experience


  1. pine cone cheese - hmmmm. Might need to have me some of that.

    I really, really like these posts of acknowledging the every day things that can be overlooked - but are in fact a blessing.

  2. I am so curious about the lemon-basil laudry soap. Love the photos that you've included and the list of wonderful daily things to be thankful for. I'm a little envious of the washing machine and dryer, but am very thankful that the laundromat we go to is only one block away.

  3. It's so neat to see someone take the time to notice all of the little things that we are blessed with. It is good to focus on these things throughout the day and watch for them. I know a few things that are blessings that I don't always think about like DIAPERS for 1, and laundry (so many clothes to wear), and despite my tiredness I have three beautiful healthly boys to chase after. I love your blog, it's very inspiring. You and Mel got me into scrapbooking and now blogging. Thanks for that!

  4. i love these lists!! They remind me to be more thankful!! (and I ALWAYS notice the food you are eating too. hahahahaha)