Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

These gifts filled my life today:

- hopping out of bed as soon as the alarm goes

- herbal toothpaste

- a new toothbrush

- hot water for tea

- lunch ready in the fridge

- cheese

- pink swirls in the morning sky

- a smile and cheery greeting from the school secretary

- "Let's send this to people in Haiti" from a three year old

- her confidence that Mama will find an address and her craft will be sent

- block 1 prep time

- my favourite morning hot drink (hot chocolate + coffee + flavoured creamer)

- self-paced computer learning

- enthusiasm

- explanations of pulleys, levers and gears that the students and I can understand

- boundless energy in phys ed class

- a new teacher excited to have a contract

- warm sweaters

- time to sit down and eat

- sharing ideas

- laughter around the lunchtime table

- sunshine on snow

- ideas and expertise shared by colleagues

- artwork in the hallway

- team teaching

- watching student-teacher interactions

- stories that WOW them

- fanning their interest in current affairs

- helping to verbalize questions

- positive words of encouragement

- mature behaviour by the most unlikely

- chocolate covered almonds

- healthy hearts active time

- paper shredder

- seeing former students and catching up on their lives

- parent 'hellos'

- colorful ski jackets and pants

- the colors of sunset

- the quiet of an empty building

- frosty trees

- a white winter wonderland

- bills paid

- the glimpse of an amaryllis with 9 huge pink blossoms

(photo by Eglantyne on Flickr)

- mail sorted and filed

- easy suppers of spaghetti and sauce

- candlelight as the day winds down

- the furnace blowing warm air

- tea in my favourite Polish mug

- time to ponder and reflect

- a hot bath

- the chance to create something for Haiti

holy experience


  1. That sure is one great list of things to be grateful for! You sure are blessed!