Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poetry for a Sunday


Another New Year
Phyllis C. Michael

Another new year - what shall I make of it?
God gave it to me as a loan.
Shall I search for earth's cheer with its pretense and take it -
Not bread for my soul but a stone?

Another new year - what shall I gather,
Earth's tinsel, her glitter to show?
Another new year - what would I rather,
A flash or a deep inner glow?

A year full of getting or a year full of giving
The best that I have to give?
A year full of fretting or a year full of living
The way that God wants me to live?

Another new year - what shall I make of it?
God gave me the right to choose.
Another new year - God helping, I'll take it
And give it to Him to use.


  1. I claim Verse 3.

  2. Beautiful thoughts Crystal, thanks for sharing