Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ten on Thursday

I've been thinking about my blog writing, trying to improve / fine tune / keep you interested! One of the things I've decided to do is move the Ten feature away from Tuesday and over to Thursday. I think it will be more interesting for you - and me! - that way.

1. If you head to Shimelle Laine's blog, you'll find one of Heather's layouts featured over there today! How cool is it that a creative spirit- and a well known one at that - in the United Kingdom would pick this up today to feature during her month on colors! Congrats, Heather!!!

2. Have you noticed the wonderful shades of green that are everywhere when you go outside these days? Absolutely amazing!!!

Mosaic of Green taken in Naomi & Jerry's Garden

3. Slices of cheese + slices of apple = one great snack, especially when eaten outside at the picnic table with a certain little "chickadee" (as she's calling herself today)!

4.  I stopped at my favourite greenhouse today and they've gone from 4 long packed-to-the-rafters buildings  down to 1 with not very many plants left at all.  The staff actually looks quite relieved :))

5.  Please pray for Melinda, Tyler and Samuel as Tyler leaves tomorrow morning to return to New York City and his hospital studies.  They will be reunited by the end of the month, we hope, once the 6 week appointments are over and Samuel's birth certificate arrives.  It will be ever so difficult for them to be apart for the next 3 weeks.  

6.  Isn't it nice to talk on the phone to friends that you haven't heard from for a long time?   I had a lovely phone call tonight that made me smile alot!

7.  I am really not a garage sale or thrift store shopper but in the last week I've scored at both!  Meadow had found a garage sale and we went back with her and her dad to buy a kid's slide that she really wanted.  While we were there, I found a box of books and bought Company's Coming Rush Hour Recipes for a mere $1.00!!  Then while dropping some items off at the local secondhand store yesterday, I found a few items we need for the camper, including a bowl, bbq tongs, 2 storage containers, some pint jars and kids books for a whole $7.00.   Pretty amazing what you can find at these places!

8.   Last week Sew, Mama, Sew hosted a giveaway day and all sorts of artists who create beautiful things gave away their creations.  I was lucky enough to win a cloth bag from the Green Bag Lady who is on quite the campaign.  So far, she's given away over 5400 bags in 38 countries!  Go over, check it out - and be inspired to sew a bag, use a bag, and help the world get rid of plastic bags.

9.  The other day, my sister and I looked through some scrapbook layouts that she made a few years ago.  We laughed, we reminisced, we marveled and we were reminded why we love this hobby so much.  It was good for the soul!

10.  I love having fresh oregano and basil growing on the patio.  It's so easy to pick and add to whatever is cooking - tonight it went into the pizza sauce.  Fresh herbs are way, way better than the dried ones!


  1. I love all the green that is finally appearing around here too! And my herbs taste delicious too!

    Thanks for telling me about Shimelle - that was so cool! :)

  2. Hello my friend - I am back! I have missed you so much - you have no idea! Now please tell me HOW to make a mosaic. I don't know where to start and I had a look at Attic 24 (you MUST go and check it out!) and she does monthly mosaics and I want to try something along those lines too. But I don't know where to start, and you do! Help!
    I love your lists. I think I will do 10 on Thursday too. I have so much to talk about, you know. Now if the eyes would just stay open a little longer..... And congratulations to the birthday girl and to the happy couple! What blessings they all are to you and Bob!

  3. I love the mosaic! Such a nice piece of spring. I clicked on your link to Write.Click.Scrapbook and enjoyed it immensely - all those memories of decorative scissors and shape templates on my early pages...! Thanks!