Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going Home

I have had a marvelous week in Nova Scotia, cuddling and loving our grandson, talking and hanging out with Melinda, eating great food and visiting with Edward and Linda.  As a special treat last night, we had lobster for supper!  Samuel snuggled while Mel ate about half of hers and then he wanted supper too.

It was the best lobster I've ever eaten!  And Linda took some of the leftovers and made me a lobster sandwich on her homemade multigrain panini bread to eat on the plane today.  It beat any meal that Air Canada could have served!!

It was so, so hard saying good-bye to these two!  Samuel has grown and changed in just this last week.  Every day he is more fun!  Soon he'll be cooing and then sitting up - time is flying again.  I am wondrously blessed to be at this place and time in my life, enjoying these grandchildren and watching our children grow into parenting! 

 I am really looking forward to seeing Grampa tomorrow!!


  1. Your children and doubly blessed to have such involved and caring parents, Crystal. And what a blessign you and "Grampa" are to the little ones. Enjoy it all, and travel safe.

  2. What a sweet little boy he is. Have a safe trip home to your family. Next post will have to be pictures of the New Alberta Grandbaby!

  3. What a blessed time you had and what a blessing you are to your family.

  4. We miss you so much already. Samuel was very fussy last night. He must have been missing his Gramma time. His appointment went well today, and the packing is getting there. Thanks so much for coming and the great time we had together. Hurry to NY!!

  5. I am soooo glad you got to go! It looks like it was a wonderful trip. I can't wait to meet him. He is changing so much!