Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ten on Thursday - from Nova Scotia

I could write 10 things about Samuel today but I'm going to share some other bits and pieces too.  Maybe next week the whole post will be about him :))

1.  We tried to get Samuel's passport picture taken today but it didn't work out!  His nap was interrupted and there was no way that he was opening his eyes for any camera.  Whoever makes these decisions about babies and passports has absolutely no idea about little ones!

2.  This is Edward and Linda's beautiful home and garden where I'm staying this week.  It's such a refuge of peace and beauty for Mel and Samuel.  God certainly blessed Mel - and us - when He brought these friends into our lives.

3.  Supper tonight was a combination of Alberta beef, NS haddock, PEI potatoes, local asparagus and mushrooms, and Annapolis Valley strawberry shortcake - delish all around, we decided!!

4.  We went for a walk along the old railroad trail last night and had this beautiful view of the back harbour of Chester.  This trail would be an awesome bike trail!

5.  Edward and Linda showed me  gorgeous pictures of the Belgium / Netherlands cruise that they took in April - and I have a new destination on my wish list.  The windmills, tulips, architecture and Belgian waffles were all calling my name!

6.  We talked to Naomi today and she's doing okay, trying to accomplish a thousand and one things before the baby comes.  She has strict orders to hold on until I'm back home :))

7.  It was another great day with Samuel!  Cuddling, giving him a bottle, singing songs, coaxing smiles - it doesn't get any better for a gramma.

Tonight Mommy was giving him airplane rides, just like Uncle Jonathan does, and he quite liked them.  I can see many more of these in his future!

8.  Shutter Sisters have some great ideas for photographers this week.  Check out:  what's in your back yard?  what's hiding under your nose?  and 365 photo ideas.  

9.  One of the things I love about Nova Scotia is how you can see the ocean around every bend in the road.  It's so, so beautiful here!  

10.  Only 8 more days until Mel and Samuel head back to New York City.  It's going to be one joyful reunion when they meet Daddy!!


  1. Of the places we've been able to visit Nova Scotia is my favorite!!!

  2. he is just sooooo sweet! i love those photos! i'm so glad you are enjoying your time there!