Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Precious Days

It was her Mommy's last shift of work before her holiday time and maternity leave start so Meadow and I enjoyed our last official playdate today.  I will still go to visit regularly - and maybe even more often once the new baby comes :))

She is  in love with her dolls so I took her a new baby today.  She promptly named her Meadow Hope!  She joins Avery, Angela, Stephanie and a whole raft of animals like dog, duck, cow, and several bunnies and bears.  

"Okay, everybody!  1 - 2 - 3 - Cheese for Gramma!", in her very own words!  I love the little fingers counting and the beautiful red lip that you can just glimpse here.

I am so blessed to spend time with our beautiful grandchildren.  Every single time is precious beyond words.  

Thank you, sweet Meadow - and Meadow Hope and Avery! - for spending these wonderful days with me!   Bye - love you!!  See you in 2 sleeps :)))))

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