Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weekend with Friends

It's been a long time since we went up to visit some longtime friends who live about an hour and half from us so this was the weekend to do that.  We had soup and great fresh buns, visited and looked at photos while the guys watched the World Juniors Hockey game (Canada beat Russia 6 - 5 in a shootout!), and then cooked Chinese food together.  That was a first for us - I had the job of dipping chicken pieces in batter and deep frying them to make Chicken Balls.  Bob stirred the Ginger Beef, Don made stirfried vegetables and Darlene oversaw the whole operation while doing fried rice.  All of it tasted delicious and we'd definitely do it again.  We played dominoes (which Bob won), stayed overnight and then went to church together this morning.  It was a great visit except for the fact that I forgot to take the camera!  So I just enjoyed the moments and you'll have to imagine it all!

I hope your first week of January is full of peace and happy days!


  1. I am so going to have to buy some dominoes and have another crack at understanding the whole concept. I am assuming it is more than adding six dots to your six dots or four dots to your four dots? When we played we never knew who actually won - we were not the brightest kids on the block ;)

    I recently found a big jar of marbles. Now that is a fun game. Actually now I think of it - I don't really understand that game either - Hmmmm. I'm off to figure it all out.

    I wonder if there is a games web site that lets you play dominoes?

    I just remembered, I was reading an article the other week that said that there had been an increase in sales of the good old fashioned board games this year - and that there had been a 4% increase in women returning to sewing and home baking and craft work. It is interesting I think.

    I will stop rambling now.


  2. I'm glad you went and enjoyed some time with them. The food sounds delicious. Learn any new techniques or ideas? Sorry you forgot the camera.

  3. I'm glad you had a good visit. The food sounds really good!