Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Happy Chinese New Year!  Welcome to the Year of the Ox.

2.  The Canadian government introduced a new budget today.  There are all kinds of programs to get the economy back up and running but I don't know how much good it's going to do.  Lots of talk about tax breaks but listen to this:  a family with combined income of $100,000 will save the whopping total of $208 yearly.  That amount of money doesn't go very far spread over a whole year!  And there were no increases to social assistance - as if those people don't need help!!!

3.  Lots of hearts, chocolates and Valentine goodness out in the stores now.

4.  I got a new copy of Better Homes and Gardens magazine today.  It's going to be fun checking out the home decor ideas for the next season.

5.  I bought a carton of the reddest, juiciest strawberries today!  Usually they are half white and woody at this time of year but these are just delicious and smell wonderful.

6.  Did you hear about the 8 babies that were born in California yesterday?  6 boys and 2 girls, weighing from 680 grams to 1.5 kg and all breathing on their own.  They knew the mom was going to have 7 babies but when they performed the operation, there were 8.  I cannot even imagine!!

7.  My online friend Jill is giving away a very cute elephant, Peanut, this week.  Go over and visit her!

8.  Isn't this a cute t-shirt for a mom-to-be?

9.  January is nearly over already.  I love that the days are getting longer but how did the month slip away so quickly?!!

10.  I saw the delivery truck at Canadian Tire unloading racks and packages of seeds today.  Gardening season is not far away for all of you green thumbs!


  1. Those 8 little babies were just on the news - unbelievable. What a miracle. All breathing on their own. Amazing!

    Hope you don't think me rude but I kind of just invited myself over to your place on my blog (pop the kettle on luvvie).

  2. I cannot imagine having 8 babies all at once. Or far apart, come to that. What a miracle they are all alive and doing well. It was on the news here too.

    I love the lengthening days too. The more daylight the better! My daffs are starting to come up through the soil, and that is a sure sign spring is not that far away. And another huge blessing, after the freezing winter, is that apparently most of the bugs which have got out of control with very mild winters for the past few years, will have died off. This is wonderful for gardening and growing things!

  3. We don't hear much about the Canadian economy here in the U.S. Are you suffering the same "melt-down" that we are?

  4. That shirt is super cute. I have to go to Motherhood and exchange the one from Auntie E. It was so small in the shoulders and bust. Who knew I'd ever have that problem? ;)
    Canadian politics should get even more interesting the next few days. Thank goodness for CBC.ca, and our ability to keep up on things at home. It does sound like Obama's got some interesting policies and meetings taking place as well. I wonder what this year will be like.
    Nothing like fresh fruit that actually tastes like it's suppose to. Blueberries were on sale at my supermarket so we're enjoying those this week. I can't wait for summer fruits and veggies to arrive. It'll be nice to change up the apples for something else.
    Yeah, I can't imagine having 8 little ones inside me. One is crazy enough. She must have been on bedrest for most of the pregnancy, but what a miracle they're still all alive and doing well.

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Yes, I love that the days are getting longer, too. Our hens have started laying more eggs (yesterday we got 2!). That's a sign that spring is not far off...