Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things to Check Out

Since I can't seem to come up with any coherent thoughts of my own today, I thought I'd link you to a few favourite sites.  Have fun exploring!

Publishing a book with a year's worth of blog posts is an idea that Melinda and I have had and Bloggled is a place where you can archive and publish your blog.

For Christmas, Heather gave me a beautiful handmade necklace from Lisa Leonard.  I love wearing it and everything Lisa makes is just lovely.

It's less than 2 months until Darrin and Kelsey's wedding and their day will be captured by this photographer.

Looking for some inspiration for meal planning and new recipes?  Sandra has a wealth of information and is so creative in the kitchen.

The Inspired Scrapper is a Canadian site for showcasing talent in the scrapbooking world.  Heather's lucky enough to be one of the contributors.  


  1. Another book publishing place for blogs recipes etc, is Blurb. See what they are like too. I know some people who have used them, and been really happy with the results. I would like to do mine too in years, and with the comments!
    And the craft shop I went to yesterday would have been perfect for you too. When you visit one day we will go there!

  2. Crystal,

    You passed on some great ideas with this one. Thanks for tagging me and opening up more avenues for me. I hope the six people I tagged enjoy the exercise as much as I do.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog Crystal :)

    I really need to go check out that Blogged place, what a good idea to publish a book with a year's worth of blog posts.

  4. Hope you're feeling ok. Thanks for the links. I'm going to Bloggled today to back-up the blog and check out the printing options. I also need to get started on that album. Phew! Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. great links! thanks for linking The Inspired Scrapper! :)

    i can't wait to see D & K's wedding photos!

  6. Hi Crystal.

    That was so nice of you to mention my blog. I am really looking forward to photographing Darrin and Kelsey's wedding. Come say Hi to me at the wedding!!