Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Sun setting on the first day of a new year

At the beginning of last year, I did a little exercise that involved looking back at the first line of the first entry for each month and I thought it would be fun to repeat that exercise.

A Review of the 2008 Blogging Year 

We started the New Year with a visit to Airdrie and Calgary.

We've got this wonderful view from our newly renovatged room at the Westin Bayshore (in Vancouver).

We are in the most beautiful, warm, tropical place today!! (from Iquassu Falls, Brazil)

I packed a few scrapbooking things and some pictures when I went to Heather's and this is what resulted!!

I have so much to be grateful for every. single. day!

Time for another question!  (part of the question and answer series I did to mark my blog-iversary.)

Our sweet granddaughter, Meadow, turned 2 yesterday!

Yesterday Jerry arranged a little quadding trip with his mom (Judy), Murray, Naomi, Bob and I.

Summer is officially ending and the temperature is reflecting that around here.

This week, the amazing Ali Edwards is creating a project called A Week In My Life to document her life with words and pictures.

This little one (Meadow) had fun emptying the box, gathering up all the green papers and putting the oranges in her basket - all while still in her pyjamas!

Outside my window - after a sunny morning, the wind is blowing colder air into our area along with a forecast of flurries and lower temperatures for the rest of the week - I guess winter is coming after all!

It was kind of fun to look back and have a quick glimpse into last year's posts.   I wonder what this year will hold - I know it's going to be enjoyable and full of things I can't even imagine!


  1. Reading through your posts (or at least the first few lines)a few things came through really well. First thing I noticed was your heartfelt gratitude and the second thing was your delight in being a granny. I have been really blessed by your blog (on many an occasion) and I have loved getting to know you through them. I am confident that 2009 will be a real blessing for you and your family - I know you will see the blessing in it - no matter what happens. Thanks Crystal for your gentle blog.

    Oh, and by the way - love the new look.

    Oh, and by another way (excuse the shocking writing style)I really want to join in the 'from my window' day - I just love it - so I am going to.


  2. I enjoy going back through my blog, too, rereading what the year was like and all that we did. I'm sure this year's entries will be abundant, full of love and gratitude, as well as adventures and new additions. Can't wait to keep reading on.

  3. That is so cool - a blog year in review. Love the idea! Thanks Crystal!!

  4. That was really cool! I love that you wrote this - a great look into your life over the year! :)