Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This Passion Tazo tea from Starbuck's is very, very good!    

2.  It's an amazing day in America!  I watched bits and pieces of today's ceremonies and enjoyed the speeches, the parade, the people watching and the feeling of optimism that was so evident in Washington today.  Yes, there are problems - big problems - in the country but today was a day to celebrate and honour the new First Family and all that they represent for an optimistic future for all people around the world.  

3.    Loved Michelle Obama's day dress and the outfits their girls were wearing.  Have you seen the evening gown?  I've  just had a glimpse of the back of it - looking forward to seeing more on the news tonight.  Designed by a 26 year old designer who came from Taiwan.

4.    These flower arrangements graced tables at the luncheon with Congress at noon.

5.   Here's the luncheon menu.  Interesting that you could actually download the recipes!

6.  American Idol from San Francisco tonight - where do they find these people and how do they know the crazy situations that they come from?

7.  Meadow and I had fun picking books out at the library today.  She was pretty interested in the kindergarten room that was just across the hallway in the Winfield School too.  Just think, in a few years she'll be going there!

8.  Wedding plans are moving right along!  Kelsey and I chatted about the rehearsal dinner tonight :))  She and Darrin are so organized and having everything totally under control.  It's going to be a marvelous day!

9.  Remember all those jars of fruit I canned this summer?  We're enjoying apricots tonight.  It's so, so nice to go downstairs,  grab a jar and enjoy some summer flavours.  I'll definitely be doing more this year.

10.  Can someone please explain to me why instant chocolate pudding will not set when I make it with soymilk?  I need to know the scientific explanation for my failed dessert plans!


  1. I cannot give you the scientific reason as requested - but - I did find this site which gives a great soy instant pud (guaranteed apparently) http://www.recipezaar.com/Instant-Soymilk-Pudding-195594

    hoping this helps.

    P.S I am rather glad that my invite for the Presidential luncheon got lost in the mail - bit too hoity toity for me (accept the dessert - that sounds yummy).

  2. Yes, yesterday was an awesome day here in the U.S. As Christians we must keep our eyes and ears open as the future unfolds. Having eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

  3. I haven't figured out the soymilk thing either, but remember when I tried to make pistachio pudding with it.
    Yesterday was really interesting. I watched the inaguration at the laundromat and was amazed at how many people were there. After having been to the National Mall I have a better perspective on just how many people were out there watching it. One news station had reporters in Harlem and Time Square interviewing people that were watching on outdoor screens. Some of Tyler's classmates left after their morning exam to go watch at specific locations with friends. He has a big job ahead of him with lots of expectations. I hope he deals with stress and pressure well. Btw, The menu does look very tasty.

  4. quite the day for sure. i can't imagine being his wife and daughters. i don't know if i'd want my kids to live that life. i hope it is a good change for their nation - i agree with mel - he has quite the job ahead of him.

  5. Ok, the foodie and scientific mind in me had to try to answer this. My guess would be that there is an enzyme in soy milk that interfers with the ability of the gelatin proteins to coagulate, just like the effect fresh pineapple and kiwi have on gelatin/jello...I have no idea if this is actually what happens and I am going to see if I can find out the answer. I'll let you know!

  6. Hi Crystal!

    Yes, Inauguration Day was a very exciting day here. I am so optimistic and it feels good.