Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I had a great time creating some special gifts for Christmas this year.  Here is a little glimpse of what I was up to during December.

1.  A Christmas photo, with Photoshop help from Heather (thanks!), and our Christmas letter

2.  Poppycock

3.  Pyjamas for Meadow and Helayna 

4.  Teatowels  trimmed with Christmas fabric

5.   Some cookies (these are Peanut Blossoms)

6.  Homemade Cappucino Mix

7.  A matching card game for Meadow, using pictures of her and our family

8.  Wheat bags or heat paks  for all the girls, including mini ones for Helayna and Meadow!

9.   Kelsey and Darrin's recipe book

10.  And one surprise project that is still under construction!!


  1. You were hard at work this December, but homemade treats really are the best. I love the little matching games you made. Have they tried playing it? The pjs looked so cute on the girls. Great job on all your creations!!

  2. I love home-made gifts, and isn't it amazing how we both made the wheat bag thingies and decorated the towels! Great minds and all that!

  3. Love your gift ideas! For Heidi's 3rd birthday, we made her an ABC book using a 6x6 album and pictures of family, animals etc. that she knew. It was so much fun & she loved it! I see that the cappuccino recipe is still a secret ;) Oh my how I enjoyed that the time you gave me my very own jar!!
    And the towels are terrific! What a great idea. I might have to note that for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So many fun, creative things!!

  5. Do you think you could send over just a tad of your creativeness my way. You are very clever. Oh yes, and I love the top you were wearing - you can send that too ;)

    I am trying to be creative at the moment - a bit of a try hard unfortunately. Did you know that the sales of sewing machines increased by 40% in 2008 - apparently there is a new wave of apprentice home-makers. Love the concept of crafts - but... maybe I'll make that my next post 'The wannabe craft maker'. Stay tuned.

  6. You where very busy making Christmas extra special.I think homemade gifts are a great thing.

  7. Busy busy! Fantastic!!