Thursday, January 15, 2009


or   "Mushing, Bumbo and Goin' to Bethlehem" - let me explain!!

Helayna absolutely loves to be outside and she always convinces Grampa to go to the park with her.  The equipment was buried in the snow but she was more interested in playing in the snow anyway.  Too funny when we think back to last year - at first she was even scared to step in the snow!  This year they built a snow fence, snow people who looked a lot like inukshuks, dug a tunnel and then Grampa used the sand pail to make some 'castles'.  Helayna loved using her little shovel to 'mush' the castles as quick as he could build them!  Her little 'Do it again" was priceless.  

That's her in the little pink hat - nearly buried in the snow!

Silas is getting so strong already!  On Sunday he was very content to sit in the Bumbo chair and watch the action.  Soon his Daddy had to carry him around in the chair to save him from big sister's exuberance.

I think he looks so grownup - and very sweet - here!

Yesterday Meadow and I were having lunch when she "thought" she heard Santa up on the roof - so cute!  Then we decided he was gone so I asked her where he went and her response was "to Bethlehem"!  Her next idea was that we should go to Bethlehem too - to see Baby Jesus, Santa and Mommy Mary.  The plans grew to the point where her backpack was loaded with her rainsuit and swim gear, she had another pile of clothes to take along and we were waiting for Daddy to come home to take everyone to the airport.  She didn't think we had time to wait for Mommy to come home from work - we had to hurry and go!!  She was totally into it, with an answer for every question I had and many other ideas, like hikin'  while we were there.   I was starting to worry about her disappointment when reality hit but Daddy's pretty good at handling that sort of stuff - thank goodness!

The imagination of a child is truly a wondrous thing!


  1. Your grand kiddies are priceless little treasures. I just love hearing their stories - and just how did daddy get her to unpack her bags?

    I've got the material for my first quilt - this arvo I start cutting - yeah!

  2. Such cute kids!! I haven't seen a chair like that--how great!


  3. Love the photos! Silas does look so sweet sitting in his bumbo chair. I'm sure Helayna loved having Grandpa around for some undivided and outdoor attention. I'm so glad you went down to help them out last week. And M, my goodness she has an imagination, but so creative and hilarious. Na was telling me some stories the other day and they were hilarious. We miss them so much!

  4. What great grandparents you two are!!!!

  5. I just love this age when their imaginations are so sweet & innocent!

  6. You have the cutest grandkids goodness :)

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for delurking over at my blog and for the sweet comment you left :)

    I'm glad I can now visit yours too, I've added you to my Google Reader :)

  7. So cute! I absolutely love that story about Meadow - too funny!